Collection, distribution and payment of copyright fees

The percentage of the remuneration is established in accordance with the real investment of every author, and any further corrections of the register card will not be possible. 

The registered data is a basis for the distribution of royalties. 


If the contract is made for arrangement or translation, publisher must have author's permission to arrange or translate the work. 


If any of the authors of a musical work is unprotected, the music publisher can obtain a maximum of 50% of the protected author's royalty share.


The total value of a musical work is 100% irrespective of the number of authors. 


If authors wish to receive remuneration for their film music, they must ensure the filmmakers hand in the cue sheets.  


In case of questions or queries please contact AKKA/LAA via e-mail or call the Authors Department at (+371) 67506426 or 26116669.