When a licence is necessary

A work created by any author may be turned into a marketing instrument for a business, a tool that attracts clients and helps the enterprise to generate revenue.

Since the works created by authors are among the elements that ensure success and effectiveness of a business, the authors, too, are entitled to receive royalties for their input, and the work users have a duty to compensate the authors for that. Each author’s work is a result of someone’s efforts; in the case of music it is even an effort of a creative group, where a composer creates a melody, a poet sets up the lyrics for the song, and an arranger gives the song a special new sound. 


A license is necessary at any public venues, for example:


  • stores,
  • businesses selling meals,
  • various events,
  • competitions,
  • concerts;
  • exhibitions;
  • etc.


A license is necessary if you wish to do the following in public:



In case you choose to use recorded music in order to play authors’ works (radio, TV, CD etc.), it is not only necessary to receive a license from the authors’ society AKKA/LAA, but it is also compulsory to make an agreement with the Latvian Performers and Producers Association (LaIPA). AKKA/LAA manages the rights for authors’ works, while LaIPA represents the rights of performers and phonogram producers.

The Copyright Act stipulates: the license shall be obtained prior to work use. It is prohibited to use works without permission.




In case of queries please contact AKKA/LAA via e-mail info@akka-laa.lv.

  • Musical works – (+371) 67506422 or 29191372
  • Films – (+371) 67506424 or 28361348
  • Dramatic, musical dramatic, choreographic and literary works – (+371) 67506132 or 22006650 
  • Paintings, photographs and other works of visual art – (+371) 67506133 or 26395939