When a licence is necessary

DJs may procure a license for an individual event or entire calendar year. The reproduction license covers both copyright and neighbouring rights, and the DJ may choose to collect it either on the premises of society AKKA/LAA, or society LaIPA


A reproduction licence is a permission to make copies of work phonograms from the original recordings, for the professional purposes of the DJ. The permission granted by the reproduction licence encompasses both copyright and neighbouring rights, and such a licence is available at either the society AKKA/LAA or the society LaIPA whichever is chosen. The licence is available either for a single venue or for the entire calendar year, in which case the number of venues is not restricted.   


The reproduction licence covers copying of the work phonograms only; it does not furnish the rights of public performance of the works. 


The licence for public performance is a permission to perform works in public. The licence shall be obtained by the host of the venue. In most cases the host is a music club, a bar, a disco club or a culture centre. In cases when a disco or an event is organized by a DJ, the DJ himself/herself must obtain a public performance licence as well.


The Copyright Act stipulates: the licence shall be obtained prior to usage of works. It is forbidden to use works without permission.


No reproduction licence is necessary when music is played from original CDs or LPs.


In cases of questions or queries please contact AKKA/LAA via e-mail info@akka-laa.lv or  


  • Concerning reproduction contact the specialist of Media department at (+371) 67274164 or 29204634;
  • Concerning public performance contact Head of Musical Works Department at (+371) 67506422 or 29191372.