Prior to usage of any protected author’s work it is necessary to receive a permission from the author (or from a copyright organization in case the author has delegated administration of the relevant form of usage to the copyright organization) and to agree upon the royalties due for usage of the work. 

Copyright is valid during the author’s lifetime and expires 70 years after the author’s death. Royalties are due also on behalf of the performers of the works and for the phonogram producers authorizing LaIPA, Latvian Performers’ and Producers’ Association. Usage of authors’ works without permission is a violation of rights and will be prosecuted. 


In order to use any protected work represented by a copyright organization, the permission shall be obtained 10 days prior to the usage of the work.


The issued licence will indicate the royalties for the use of the work, the deadline for payment and other conditions.


In case of questions or queries please contact AKKA/LAA via e-mail or call the representatives of relevant departments:


  • Musical works – (+371) 67506422 or 29191372
  • Films – (+371) 67506424 or 28361348
  • Dramatic, musical dramatic, choreographic and literary works – (+371) 67506132 or 22006650 
  • Paintings, photographs and other works of visual art – (+371) 67506133 or 26395939