Rights holders wanted

The Law on Collective Management of Copyright stipulates certain usages when economic rights of authors shall be subject to collective management only. 

Therefore, concerning such usages, AKKA/LAA collects copyright fees for exploitation of authors’ rights on behalf of all authors, even if they have not signed agreements with AKKA/LAA.


The categories of usage subject to collective management by AKKA/LAA only:


  • exploitation of authors’ works in public performances taking place at venues of entertainment, cafes, stores, hotels etc.;
  • lending of works (except computer programs, databases and works of art);
  • rebroadcasting via cable networks;
  • reproduction for personal use covered by the so-called blank media levy;
  • secondary market of works of visual art.


The relevant collected fees are sometimes impossible to pay since the collective management society lacks information about the author: there is no proof that he/she has indeed created the respective work, or no identity number, address, bank account of the beneficiary is known. In case of heirs no certificate of inheritance is present,


In compliance with the Law on Collective Management of Copyright withheld remuneration is defined as withheld income. If it is not possible to identify or find the holder of the respective economic rights, the requirement to pay remuneration will expire three years after the financial year during which the income from management of the respective rights has been accrued.


Authors or their heirs are kindly asked to apply:



Please contact AKKA/LAA via e-mail info@akka-laa.lv or call the Authors’ Department at: (+371) 67506426 or 26116669.