If you wish to use copyright-protected works at events, parties, competitions, concerts or any other conventions of unassociated society members, you can obtain a permission, or a licence from AKKA/LAA.

Copyright is valid during an author’s lifetime and expires 70 years after his/her death.


If playback of recorded music (from radio, TV, CD etc.), is selected as a method of performance of musical works, it is not only necessary to obtain permission from  the authors’ society AKKA/LAA, but one must also conclude an agreement with LaIPA, Latvian Performers’ and Producers’ Association. While AKKA/LAA manages authors’ rights, LaIPA handles the rights of performers and phonogram producers.


The Copyright Act stipulates: the licence shall be obtained no later than 10 days prior to the use of works. It is forbidden to use works without permission.


In case of queries please contact AKKA/LAA via e-mail

  • Musical works – (+371) 67506422 or 29191372
  • Films – (+371) 67506424 or 25446665
  • Dramatic, musical dramatic, choreographic and literary works – (+371) 67506132 or 22006650 
  • Paintings, photographs and other works of visual art – (+371) 67506133 or 26395939