When a licence is necessary

A license is necessary in case of placement of authors’ works on the Internet with the purpose of offering downloading, online streaming or making them available to public in any other way.

The above concerns all categories of works: musical, literary, dramatic, musical dramatic, choreographic, visual works and films.


No license is necessary when authors themselves publish their works on personal websites. In that case the website must comply with the following three conditions:



  • the internet website is edited, and content is placed exclusively by the website owner or website administrator;
  • the website owner is the sole author of the works concerned, or the owner has received a co-authors’ permission to use the works on the Internet;
  • the website is not associated with a club, producing company, publisher or any other third person or special event, and the website is not used for any economic or commercial activities. 



In case of queries please contact AKKA/LAA via e-mail info@akka-laa.lv.


  • Musical works – (+371) 67506422 or 29191372
  • Films – (+371) 67506424 or 25446665
  • Dramatic, musical dramatic, choreographic and literary works – (+371) 67506132 or 22006650 
  • Paintings, photographs and other works of visual art – (+371) 67506133 or 26395939