AKKA/LAA administers public lending right in Latvia since 2006.

The remuneration is distributed among groups of subjects of rights (authors, performers, phonogram producers and film producers) in proportion to the frequency of lending the objects of copyright and neighbouring rights. Remuneration attributable to performers, phonogram producers and film producers is transferred to the organization of collective management representing the relevant subjects of rights.


Remuneration to the subjects of copyright is distributed using the method of proportional distribution, on the basis of the statistics of lending per year obtained from a research conducted at selected libraries of Latvia where distribution by selection was monitored.  


Procedures by which the Remuneration Regarding Public Lending shall be Calculated, Paid and Distributed see here.


How to apply for public lending right remuneration


The following categories of book authors are entitled to apply:


  • text authors,
  • the authors of visual design and illustrations,
  • translators,
  • compilers,
  • literary adaptation authors,
  • the heirs of the aforementioned categories of authors.


When authors wish to receive remuneration for their works lent by the libraries of Latvia, they must fill in and submit to AKKA/LAA:


  • author registration form – claim for remuneration of public lending (the form must be filled in only once, a repeated form must be submitted, if personal data are changed);
  • book registration form – claim for remuneration of public lending. A separate form must be filled in for every book title. Only the authors of visual design and illustrations provide the share per cent. If two or several co-authors of one category have worked at one book, the remuneration is distributed equally between or among them. If such co-authors’ contribution is not equal, they may agree on different distribution of shares (per cent) by providing it in the form and signing under.


Authors’ heirs must attach a copy of inheritance certificate.


The authors, who already have an agreement with AKKA/LAA, must only fill in the book registration form to claim remuneration of public lending.


The forms must be signed electronically by a safe electronic signature containing a time stamp and sent to info@akka-laa.lv




the forms can be filled in and signed on a hard copy, and sent to AKKA/LAA office address by mail: A. Čaka Street 97, Riga, LV-1011, Latvia.



The deadline to submit claims for the previous year is 1st of June of the current year.


The public lending remuneration for the previous year is distributed in the December of the current year. The remuneration is distributed in accordance with the frequency of lending of a work, based on the research in libraries. In order to state the proportion, AKKA/LAA organizes statistical research involving a sample selection of the public libraries of Latvia.