When a licence is necessary

License for reproduction of authors’ works must be received for all kinds of works: musical, choreographic, audiovisual, literary and visual works.


Reproduction or copying may differ according to the category of work:



  • musical works may be copied into data carriers, incorporated into discs for subsequent selling, used in films, TV and radio programmes, sheet music may be published etc.;
  • choreographic works can be copied into data carriers;
  • films can be reproduced in data carriers and multimedia;
  • literary works can be published in books, in printed press, reproduced in data carriers etc.;
  • visual works can be published in newspapers, magazines, on postmarks, posters, reproduced in data carriers etc. 



In case of queries please contact AKKA/LAA via e-mail info@akka-laa.lv.

  • Musical works – (+371) 67506422 or 29191372
  • Films – (+371) 67506424 or 28361348
  • Dramatic, musical dramatic, choreographic and literary works – (+371) 67506132 or 22006650 
  • Paintings, photographs and other works of visual art – (+371) 67506133 or 26395939