About the CE Foundation

The Culture and Education Foundation (CEF) is a source of financing AKKA/LAA public activities. The society has the right to make deductions from rights management to be used to deliver services of culture and education within the confines of endowment for culture and education. 

As decided by the AKKA/LAA General Assembly of 14.10.2017, the deductions are not being made for now.


Main activities of the CEF include:

  • Academy of Authors founded in February 5, 2003. It aims to further exchange of information among authors, users of copyrighted works, governmental officials, students etc. Academy provides lectures, discussions, seminars and meetings for everyone interested;
  • Author's Grant: since May 21, 2015 a competition for grants is being announced twice a year - in February and August. The Council of AKKA/LAA decides on some 25 grants (700 EUR each) every time. The Author's Grant helps to promote creative ideas of AKKA/LAA individual members;
  • The Copyright Infinity Award (CIA) granted annually since 1999: its name reminds of the countless ways an author's work can live a long and versatile life - on internet, TV and radio, in music, film, animation, stage performance etc. CIA is granted to 10-15 most "multi-functional" works of the previous year. There is no jury or council to decide the winners - statistics have a say here;
  • Author's Award founded in 2014: this is an annual award granted to 3-4 authors nominated by their colleagues for a distinguished and amazing work of art presented to public during 2 last years. The Authors Award consists of a figurine and money prize of 1111 EUR.
  • Authors' Days take place every April since 2005. In the week of the World Book and Copyright Day and World Intellectual Property Day AKKA/LAA appeals to educational establishments where future creators and/or users of copyrighted works are studying. We provide free lectures on copyright for smaller or larger groups, reminding them as well of the opportunity to apply for such instruction all year round;
  • The Copyright Museum: its stock includes historical evidence of copyright and collective rights management during the 2nd independence of Latvia;
  • "AKKA/LAA Ziņas" ("AKKA/LAA News") are being released twice a year both as an electronical and printed issue for creators. The free edition closely follows recent development in copyright issues in Latvia and abroad, sums up the statistics of CMO activities.