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According to Section 36 of the Law on Collective Management of Copyright, AKKA/LAA shall, not later than 12 months after the end of the financial year, provide information to each holder of copyright to whom it has disbursed the remuneration in the previous financial year regarding:


  • the contact information of the holder of copyright which he or she has allowed for the collective management organisation to use for identification and location of the holder of copyright;
  • rights revenue calculated in the previous financial year for the holder of copyright;
  • remuneration which the collective management organisation has disbursed to the holder of copyright in the previous financial year with a breakdown by the managed rights and types of use;
  • the period of time in which the use has occurred for which remuneration has been calculated and disbursed to the holder of copyright;
  • deductions carried out in the previous financial year for covering management fees;
  • deductions which have been carried out in the previous financial year for the purposes not related to management fees, including deductions for covering social, cultural or educational services;

Rightholders having made an agreement with AKKA/LAA will receive the report in April together with the annual individual financial report.


If you wish to receive the report sooner, you are kindly asked to make a request at AKKA/LAA accountancy: Baiba.Rapa@akka-laa.lv (67315632).