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The Latvian authors' society AKKA / LAA (Autortiesību un komunicēšanās konsultāciju aģentūra / Latvijas Autoru apvienībaCopyright and Communication Consulting Agency/Latvian Authors Association) brings together diverse authors who collectively implement the management of their economic rights, creating effective cooperation between authors and the users of their works in order to give users a convenient way to legally use copyrighted works and simplify the authors’ receipt of royalties. The society is a nongovernmental organization. Its operation is managed by a board elected by the authors themselves.
AKKA / LAA represents more than four thousand Latvian authors and over four million foreign authors, administering their rights in our country. For many years, an average of one new author entrusts the administration of his or her intellectual property rights to our copyright collection society each business day.
AKKA / LAA is a member of the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC) and the European Grouping of Societies of Authors and Composers (GESAC). AKKA / LAA represents the interests of foreign authors on the basis of reciprocal representation agreements that have been concluded with more than 130 foreign organizations for the protection of copyrights. Agreements with organizations around the world permit Latvian authors to receive royalties for the use of copyrighted works abroad, whilst foreign authors can receive fees for the use of their works in Latvia.
AKKA / LAA is a multi-repertory rights management organization representing musical, literary, dramatic, visual and audiovisual repertoires.
The society administrates the rights of many authors for many of their works in various uses on the basis of collective management of the authors' rights in cases where the practical exercise of rights on an individual basis would be impossible because of a large number of works and a large number of users. 
AKKA / LAA administrates copyrights on a collective basis in the following cases of the use of copyrighted works:
  • the publication, public performance, reproduction, broadcast and retransmission, and making available on the Internet of musical works,
  • the publication, public performance, reproduction, broadcast and retransmission, and making available on the Internet of literary works,
  • the publication, public performance, reproduction, broadcast and retransmission, and making available on the Internet of dramatic, dramatico-musical and choreographic works,
  • the publication, reproduction, display, broadcasting and retransmission, and making available on the Internet of visual works,
  • the reproduction, public performance, broadcast and retransmission, and making available on the Internet of audiovisual works. 
AKKA / LAA also
  • collects blank tape levy for the use of equipment and materials used in reproduction and distributes these receipts between copyright holders and the holders of related rights,
  • distributes remuneration for public lending right,
  • administrates the resale right of visual works.
Authors have authorized AKKA / LAA to grant permissions for the use of their works, to collect fees for the use and to pay remuneration to the authors, thereby simplifying the management of the use of their works and receiving appropriate fees. The authors’ society is an effective mechanism for achieving this goal. For the creators of culture, the society provides both time and money for the creation of new cultural products. 
For the users of cultural products – those who use copyrighted works – AKKA / LAA provides an easy way to acquire permission to use an author's work, obviating the need to obtain permission from each of the many Latvian or foreign authors who hold exclusive rights to their works. A permit or license from AKKA / LAA ensures the legitimate use of the authors’ copyrighted works. 
On our homepage:
  • The section “About AKKA / LAA” contains information on the activities and goals of the society, its administration, its structure and operations. There is also a register of Latvian authors represented by the society and a list of foreign copyright organizations with which the AKKA / LAA has concluded reciprocal agreements for representation.
  • In the section “Copyrights” there is information on what copyrights are, how they work, and what laws and regulations apply.
  • The section “For Authors” contains information on different types of rights management, copyright agreements, the principles for the distribution of royalties and summaries of past remuneration distributions. There is also information on how creators can register their musical, dramatic and choreographic works. The section includes forms for obtaining compensation for public lending rights and the registration of books. 
  • In the section “For users of copyrighted works” there is information on the principles and fees for the use of copyrighted works. Applications for the use of works and reports can be downloaded here.
  • The “Contacts and Further Information” section includes the society’s contact information and background information on copyrights and AKKA / LAA -books and animated films, press releases, annual reviews and answers to frequently asked questions. This section also includes a list of those authors who are kindly asked to apply for the receipt of remuneration by the society.
Contact information:
Phone: +37167506131
Fax: +37167315620
Address: A. Čaka street 97, Riga, Latvia, LV - 1011
Reception hours: weekdays 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

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